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ABOUT USCameroon Wood and Charcoal Fuels Ltd is a limited liability company created in 1986 and registered with the Cameroon Chamber of Commerce and with authorization of the Ministry of Forestry and the Ministry of Environment.We are one of the biggest Exporters of Tropical hard wood (Mahogany, Iroko, Sappeli, Moabi, Zibrano Zingana, etc) and producers of all kinds of Charcoal products from Hard wood Charcoal, Vegetable Charcoal or Charcoal pellets, Coconut shell Charcoal, Charcoal powder, Wood pellets, wood briquettes etc.Our products are toxin free and produced under the guide lines of forestry regulations and environmental protection as authorised by the ministry of Forestry and The Ministry of Environment Respectively.We own four production sites, each producing more than 25.000 tons of charcoal per month for both domestic and international purchase.Our charcoal meet the international standard requirement to ensure a healthy environment and consumers health.We supply on both F.O.B and C.I.F bases on contract as per the duration requested by our clients.Our packaging depends on the requirement of our clients.Contact us for any further question.Management


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1. Wood: Blackwood, Ebony Wood, Eucalyptus Wood, Iroko Wood, Mahogany Wood, Obeche Wood, Okoumé Wood, Teak Wood


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